Best Ways to Remove Stain from Couch - How to Clean Sofa or Couch

Best Ways to Remove Stains from Couch: While a sofa is an ideal place to unwind and relax, many of us totally forget that it needs regular cleaning because it collects from the leftover crumbs of our food to our dead skin cells.

After months of dinner gatherings and festive celebration at home, it is not at all surprising to discover new stains on your sofa or couch. Don’t freak out because you are simply not alone. Here are a few couch stain removal steps that will help you to get rid of the stain of your sofa. If you want to remove the stains on your own, you can apply these techniques.

Find Out the Material of Your Sofa

Right before you start your couch cleaning process, remember to check for a cleaning tag which must indicate the suggested cleaning technique. The universal sign for cleaning tag will be “w” for water, “S” for solvent, while some might specify “SW” for Solvent and/or Water. There is a fabric sofa that can be vacuumed only.

But in case you cannot find that cleaning tag, it is safe to check back with the store from where you purchased the sofa as different sofa fabric needs different cleaning methods, though recently couch steam cleaning has become the chosen cleaning technique by the majority of the fabric sofa manufacturers.

Blotting is the first step in getting rid of any stains on a couch. Blotting aids in getting rid of the stain as much as possible and stops it from spreading. To remove as much of the stain as you can, gently press down on the spot with a clean, dry towel while blotting it.


Depending on the stain, you might need to use a pre-treatment item made especially for the stain you’re attempting to get rid of. You may, for instance, use a solution made especially for wine stains to remove red wine stains. Apply the product directly on the stain and allow it to settle for 5–10 minutes.

After pre-treating the stain, clean the area with a cleaning agent manufactured especially for the fabric used in your sofa. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the cleaner. Make sure to thoroughly read the cleaning solutions instructions and follow them. You may use a microfiber cleaning solution, for instance, on a microfiber couch.

After removing the stain, thoroughly rinse the area with a clean, moist cloth. This aids in getting rid of any leftover cleaning solution residue.

Drying After rinsing, wipe the area dry with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid rubbing the area because doing so could spread the discoloration.

Identify the Type of Stain

Next, you have to recognize what kind of stain has tainted your sofa because stain removal cleaning depends on this factor as well. Different kind of stain usually needs different stain removal techniques. Stain history will help a sofa cleaner to understand the condition of your sofa when you need their professional sofa cleaning service.

The general rule of thumb, while there is a stain on your couch fabric, is to remove excess stain or liquid as faster as you can to maximize the chance of eliminating them. The lengthier the stain stays on the fabric; the more impossible or difficult to remove them.

In case you intend to try using DIY stain removal solutions, then it is highly recommended to try stain removal agent on some discreet corner because the untested solution might damage the dye or fabric of your sofa. To be safe, don’t use any unknown DIY stain removal solution unless it is given by the shop or the sofa manufacturer from whom you purchased the sofa.

Couch Steam Cleaning

If you don’t get the desired outcomes even after applying your DIY stain cleaning method, then it is time to try out couch steam cleaning. Steam cleaning not just eliminates embedded stains, dirt, and grease but it sanitises all surfaces, eliminates allergens, kills bedbugs, viruses, mould, bacteria, and other pathogens too. This is why this particular cleaning method is regarded as the most effective couch cleaning technique. So, consider buying or renting a steam cleaner to do the job.

Enzymatic Cleaners:

These cleaners work by dissolving and removing stains from a sofa using
enzymes. The removal of organic stains and pet urine stains can both be accomplished using this technique.

Using vinegar and baking soda,

you can easily and naturally get rid of a variety of stains from a sofa.Apply a paste made of equal parts vinegar and baking soda to the stain, let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes, and then wipe the area clean with a clean, moist cloth.


Hire Professionals

It is one of the best options whenever it comes to removing stains from a sofa or couch. Professional couch and sofa cleaning companies have the necessary experience, tools, and knowledge. So, it becomes easy for them to eliminate any type of stain with efficacy. They will first examine the stain & the material of your couch as this helps them to determine the best cleaning technique.

They apply industrial-grade cleaning solutions, which means your sofa or couch will look flawless in no time. Moreover, when you hire an expert cleaner, then they will provide you with useful tips and tricks following which you can prevent your couch from further staining.

Thus, you know that several techniques are available there if you need to remove stubborn stains & spots from your favourite couch.

It is always better to hire professionals when it comes to removing the stain of your sofa or couch because they know how to treat this properly.

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