How to Clean a Fabric Couch - Best Tips - Couch Cleaning Melbourne

Don’t let untidy spills and stubborn stains cramp your couch. Rathe follow these tips on Clean a Fabric Couch.

The way you should clean your fabric couch in case it is stained:

In case you find “X” (vacuum only) tag on your couch, you need to vacuum it with an upholstery attachment. Couches tagged with “S” (Special solvent-based cleaning agent and no water) need solvent-based cleaners, which should be labelled with the instructions you require for those specific products. However, the below-mentioned cleaning directions should be used only for couches with a tag marked “WS” (water or solvent-based cleaning product) OR “W” (water only).

You’d require the following ingredients and items to clean Fabric Couch:

  • A vacuum cleaner along with an attachment
  • 3 Microfibre cloths (light-coloured)
  • Distilled water
  • A bucket
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Liquid dish washing gel

Follow the instructions:

  • Vacuum the couch first
  • Take distilled water (2 cups), dish washing liquid (1 tablespoon), and vinegar (1 tablespoon).
  • Mix them well in a bucket
  • Dampen the microfibre cloth with the solution
  • Blot the stained areas gently using that cloth.
  • Moisten another cloth only with distilled water and blot the area for removing soap residue
  • Blot the affected area one more time using a dry cloth
  • Use a fan to hasten the drying process

Note: If you find this procedure overwhelming, then hire couch cleaners and Expand the Life of Your Furniture.

Steam clean your sofa:

Care for Your Upholstery is something that you cannot overlook. Here you’ll get some directions that will help you to steam clean your favourite fabric couch:

  • Before steam cleaning, vacuum your couch first. Vacuum it one more time once you have steamed and the couch has dried completely.
  • Choose a sunny day to clean your fabric couch.
  • You can use a steam cleaner that comes up with microfibre cloths as it helps in picking up debris.
  • Once you steam clean your sofa, use a fan to help your sofa dry.

Now you know how you can clean your fabric couch. So, you can get back to relaxing on your couch while streaming your favourite web series.

But if you think that the entire procedure is a bit time-consuming and daunting too, then it is recommended to hire a pro who can provide you with a fabric sofa for cleaning service at a reasonable price.

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