Upholstery Cleaning: How to Maintain Your Furniture in the Best Condition

Upholstery Cleaning: How to Maintain Your Furniture in the Best Condition – In case you have children & four-legged friends, maintaining your upholstered furniture can be a daunting task. While regular vacuuming & fluffing the cushions can help a lot, keeping your upholstered furniture in the best condition would at times need a little more effort.

Pet hair and couch stains are an inseparable part of day-to-day life. While the majority of people keep their upholstery clean by themselves, relying on professional upholstery cleaning won’t just ensure your upholstery looks its finest but also, make your furniture shine.

Here we’ve shared a few tips on how to maintain your furniture in the best condition.

A big no-no to direct sunlight exposure:

All kinds of upholstery require proper maintenance in case you want your upholstered furniture to last long. One important tip, which goes for all types of fabrics is to keep the upholstery away from direct sunlight to avoid fading & damage. If your upholstered furniture is made of leatherette, leather or fine fabrics, then direct sunlight would ruin your furniture with prolonged exposure. Moreover, the UV rays worsen the lifetime and condition of your furniture.

Vacuum your upholstery regularly:

It is impossible to invest in professional upholstery cleaning every now and then. But the longer one avoids vacuuming his/her upholstered furniture, the worse the result. Dust settles on every single thing in your house. When you sit on the upholstered chairs or sofas, your weight forces the dirt & dust to settle into the upholstery’s fibres. So, if you want to maintain the look & feel of your upholstery, then vacuum it regularly apart from professional furniture upholstery cleaning.

Use stain protection solutions:

Ask your upholstery cleaners or furniture seller about the material and nature of your furniture & the stain protectors suited to it. Remember that professional used stain protectors help in making your furniture easy to clean since they offer an extra layer between the materials & upholstery that can stain it. Moreover, these stain protectors would even help to slow down the damage from UV rays.

Hire a pro:

It is always wise to get your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Experts provide you with the best upholstery clean without charging much. Moreover, you can get an upholstery steam cleaning service, which cleans your upholstery from deep inside.

Bottom line:

Taking immense care of your upholstery need not be complicated or a chore. Be certain that you follow these aforementioned tips to get the most out of your upholstery.

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