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You Get Access To Premium Quality Couch, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning With Us At The Most Affordable Couch Cleaning Prices

Who says you need to settle in for the quality of cleaning if you are paying less? With us, you get access to 5 Star cleaning services and that too at the couch cleaning cost that won’t bite your pocket. We have been offering sofa and couch cleaning services across Australia for almost a decade now and in all these years the quality levels have been retained as superlative.

Whether it is a grimy carpet or a flood affected sofa or a couch that looks filthy, we use fabric specific cleaning products that attack only dirt and dust causing no harm to the fabric or texture or color of the item. Our clients appreciate the way we clean their sofas and chairs and this pumps up our adrenaline to do even better and this is why most of our clients are repeats and referrals.

That favorite sofa of yours might be a house to hundreds of bacteria and other allergens, invest in our couch cleaning services regularly to keep it clean and fresh!

Some Valid Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Our Couch Cleaning Services

If you are someone who has been vacuuming that sofa or couch all these years thinking that it removes the dirt, we would like to bring in an eye opener. Vacuuming removes only the dirt and dust that sits on the fabric, the dust and grime sitting in the inner corners and at the rear side are possible to remove with only professional cleaning tools.

We use steam cleaning to clean the sofas and chairs and the results are magical. Even if you have tough stains or spots on the headrest or arms or even on the chair these will lighten up or even look invisible with just one cleaning. You can call us for an emergency cleaning anytime, at present we charge $55 per standard room which is up to 10sqm. There is a minimum charge of $120 that applies to all sofa cleaning assignments.

  • Steam cleaning removes all the mildew and grime debris in a single cleaning session.
  • With steam cleaning the sofa and couch can be used as soon as these dry up and this does not take much time.
  • With high pressure even the dirtiest of stains get removed and your sofa starts looking like a newly bought one.
  • We offer same day and emergency couch cleaning services at the standards industry rates.

With our sofa cleaning services not only the dirt is removed but the life span of the item too gets increased making clean and inviting.

We use 100% safe, non-toxic and industry approved couch cleaning products, and you can call us even if you have pets and kids at home!

Our Systematic Approach Brings Out Great Results

We have got a complete plan of action ready to transform your couch making it look and feel fresh, all you need to do is get in touch with the team and book the appointment. We follow the following steps to bring out that magical transformation.

  • Pre-cleaning the couch, in this we vacuum the couch and apply a stain remover or cleaning solution on the sofa.
  • Next is using steam cleaning technique to remove all the dirt and grime, in this we use either portable or full size steam cleaning machines to exert hot water on the couch or sofa.
  • We let the sofa dry up and in the mean time inspect that all those stains are gone or not, in case the client is not happy we will work on the concern areas again.
  • Finally, the couch is ready to use and the client can place it at his favorite spot and enjoy that coffee.

We ensure that the fabric of the sofa is not done any harm in the process; you can call us for those pricey looking upholstery items without any second thoughts!

Planning to discard that sofa-give us a chance to make it bring back to life

Comprehending the basic fact that upholstery items are extremely pricey, we always insist our clients to call us for a rigorous on dirt and gentle on the fabric couch cleaning services. With professional cleaning services coming to you at the most affordable sofa cleaning cost, you can at least give us a change to get all the cleaning done.

We are extremely flexible and prompt, with access to same day couch cleaning services you do not need to let that mess bother you anymore. Ours is a cleaning service that you will love as it will make that dirty looking couch retain back its original appeal.

Want to learn about our upholstery cleaning cost; please feel free to get in touch with us!