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Couch Cleaning Frankston, Melbourne

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If you are someone who loves to host parties and get-together and always hesitates from giving the upholstery items that deep clean, you are inviting in a lot of unwanted guests such as dirt, grime, mildew and bacteria. Please act smart and whenever a party gets over call us for professional couch cleaning in Frankston service so that you get that spotless looking sofa back ready for the next party night.

We have seen many of our clients saying that their sofa looks spotless and does not require professional cleaning and once we inspect there is a lot of hidden dust and grime at the corners and rears. We strongly urge all those home and office owners who love to stay in a safe and clean environment to call us for a deep cleaning session at regular intervals.

Our steam cleaning removes all that hidden dirt, dust and grime and makes the couch appear like a new one and that too at a cost that does not hit the pocket hard.

Our Extensive Expertise Helps Us Promise You Brilliant End Results

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Before and After Upholstery Cleaning

No false promises and no tall claims, we promise only what we can deliver and that is a clean looking sofa that looks and feels fresh and inviting. Our professional cleaners hand pick the cleaning solutions after closely inspecting the age of the couch, the fabric and the level of dust accumulation. Only 100% natural, safe, odorless and Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are used by the cleaner, which means there won’t be any residue at all.

  • The cleaning solution that we use will not cause any harm to the fabric of the sofa, this makes our steam couch cleaning services idyllic for luxurious and pricey couches too.
  • When steam cleaning the sofa, we use hot water and this loosens up all those dirt deposits that are barely visible and this brings out that real appeal of the sofa making it appear fresh and clean.

We ensure that no harm is done to the surroundings while cleaning the upholstery items. With state-of-the-art equipment, we stand capable to deal with all levels of dirt and grime deposited on the sofa.

Our expert cleaners inspect the couch post-cleaning to ensure that now it looks clean and has no stains or marks and once this is done you can use the sofa as soon as it dries completely.

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