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Couch Cleaning Melbourne is all committed to safeguard privacy of personal information provided by the people visiting our website. We collect your personal details for legit purposes and do not rent or sell it to anyone. Our privacy policy clearly describes how and where the personal information shared by the visitors is used, we make sincere efforts to ensure that the all that we do with the data is within the limits defined in the policy.

Please note that by visiting our website and accessing its pages, you are giving your consent to the privacy policy.

Which information is gathered about the visitors?

As soon as any computer connected to internet tries to access our website, the domain name and the IP address gets logged in our records. If a visitor comes to our site from any other website, our server notes down that site address. The data that we immediately gather as a visitor tries to or visits the site includes, but is not limited to:

  • Visitor’s IP address
  • IP address of the referral or parent site
  • Web page from where our site has been reached
  • Operating system used by the visitor
  • Search engine keywords that made a visitor reach our site

There is nothing private in the information that is collected; this is generic data that helps us improve user experience on the site. It helps us learn about the traffic rate, browser compatibility and other factors that would help us augment our internet presence.


We use site cookies to get personalized information about the people visiting the website. You can choose to accept or not accept the cookies in the settings and the same can be changed later on. If you do not choose cookies, you might not get complete access to the site as some features and controls may not work properly.

Disclosure of information collected to third parties

We do not ask you for any personal information beyond the one stated above. It is your consent to opt in for the mailing list or not, but we will not give your email address to anyone. Couch Cleaning Melbourne does not share, rent, lease or sell any information given on the site with third parties. We stand committed to defend your privacy and for this we do not give your data in the actions that seems illegal or do not appear to be in good-faith.

We hold complete control to introduce changes in our privacy policy from time to time and the visitors are urged to read the terms before using the website.